Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Fly by weekend...

Garet and I had a really good weekend. I am always SO excited on Fridays, but then by Sunday it seems like the weekend went by way too fast!

Saturday we hung around the house most of the morning. I love getting up and knowing that there isn't anywhere that I need to be! We ran a few errands, then Suzi had a playdate with our neighbors dog, Riley. They are so funny together. It is neat to see the different personalities that dogs have. You could tell that Riley really wanted to play with Suzi, so he would sit next to her ball. When Suzi would come over, he pretended not to see her - then she would put her paw on his back and he would jump up and they would start running around the backyard. Oh how carefree to be a pup! Saturday night we went over to a friends house to watch the Auburn game. Garet and have have still yet to commit to a team. I talked about it earlier, how when you live here you MUST be either for Alabama or Auburn. Most of our friends are Auburn, so we tend to pull more for them. It was nice getting together and hanging out, even though their team lost.

After church on Sunday Garet and I went to watch our team play! We wore the colors, we were pumped! We got to Buffulo Wild Wings, and actually met a fellow Panther's fan!

But we lost too.... sad.

Oh - and I don't know if I've mentioned but I bought a second painting to match the first one that I hung in our living room. I got confirmation that it was shipped over a week ago! So I called to see what the heck was up with them, and turns out it is lost!?! So they are shipping another one. I am supposed to be getting it tomorrow, so we'll see. I am really excited to get it though - we need something to cover our big blank wall in the living room!

So, all is well in the Beane house! We have a Halloween party to go to so we are trying to put together a costume. I won't tell what it is, but I will say It is all Garet's idea!!

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Carrie said...

Thanks for showing Auburn your support even though we aren't any good this year! =)