Sunday, October 26, 2008

Weekend Recap...

Garet had to work this weekend, well he actually got to go camping but he did it for work. He left Saturday morning and was gone until this afternoon, so it was just us girls this weekend. We had a nice, productive time too :)

First project: drapes. We had drapes hung in our living room over our double doors that go outside. The drapes matched the walls - so basically the bone wall color that the house came with. Since we painted, the new color made the drapes look a little yellow, and kinda dirty (at least that was my opinion). So I decided to get white drapes. They didn't have any for as tall as I needed them, so I had to redo the curtain rod to move it down some so I could use the new drapes. This meant that I had to spackle where the curtain rods used to be, then repaint over it, and THEN rehang the curtain rods. I am very obsessive when it comes to measuring and making sure things are even and the correct length. So imagine my surprise when after I did ALL this work I hang the curtains and they are still about an inch too short!! I don't know how that happened - so I had to cut and sew, and anyway they work and look great now! and I love them! But I didn't get a picture, sorry.

Next project: pictures. I decided to work on the picture wall I had mentioned I wanted to put in our dining room. My mother-in-law gave us a letter "B", which was gold, I painted it black and then just worked the frames around it. I wasn't planning on actually having it finished, but the more I tried to figure out how to make it look, the more I just wanted to hang it and stop thinking about it! So I just did it, here is a picture

I was trying to decide if I wanted to do black and white pictures, or color. I can't decide, but I think I am going to do color. I love black and whites, but there is just something about color pictures that I think adds something. Plus, with such a blank wall, I think color pictures might add a little pop to the wall.

Another project: Halloween. I needed to work on our Halloween costume. Since last time I mentioned our costume, we have changed our minds, and are now going to be something different. I will tell you what it is next weekend.

Suzi and I took advantage of the wonderful weather today and played outside. There was not a cloud in the sky! It was beautiful!

We had a good girls weekend, but it sure is nice when Garet gets home! He had fun too - their camp was a Halloween theme, so I think some of the kids got scared. It's funny - Suzi knows "mommy" and "daddy" so anytime Garet is coming home I say, "There's Daddy" or "Daddy's home" and she knows exactly what I mean. This is her waiting for daddy:

I even got a crock pot cookin' for dinner tonight. Yummy! And now, I am going to join my husband and watch the World Series.


Anonymous said...

I LOVE the picture centered in the living room, love the "B" and picture frames, and the color....You're quite the homemaker, aren't you!
Love, Mom

Carrie said...

I really like the wall! Maybe you could do a mixture of black and white and color pictures if you like both!

Anonymous said...

Millie knows "Daddy's home" too!! Its so cute how they know that!