Sunday, April 25, 2010

The weekend...

Why does it seem like the weekends always go by a lot faster than the weeks??

The weather people were calling for horrible rains/tornadoes/hail on Saturday, so we didn't make big plans..... and we didn't get anything but rain (at least not here there were places around here that did get hit pretty bad). We took two different couples from church dinners. Both had just had baby boys - I think it was an eye-opener to Garet just how small babies are when they are born! He kept saying, Wow we're going to have one of these! :)

We also got some cleaning done. Garet got a kick out of sitting on the couch while I vacuumed and holding his feet up so I could vacuum under them. (Please don't look at my outfit :( I didn't know I was getting my picture taken and I put on my comfy pants haha)
I also let my hair go all natural... no one ever believes me when I say my hair is naturally wavy, so I decided to take a picture. I wish I knew how to style it so I could just let it go. It always seems to get frizzy, or maybe I'm just used to it being stick straight and get nervous that it looks wild and crazy!


Amanda said...

LOVE your hair! You should try this product called "Curls Up". It comes in a yellow bottle. Angela Whitehorn let me borrow some and I really like it. It takes the frizz out for sure!

The Melton's said...

I LOVE your hair as well! I am SUPER JEALOUS!!

Missy said...

Hey Kelly!
My hair has some natural wave and here's what I do:
What you need to do is get some mouse or gel and when your hair is wet just scrunch some of the mouse or gel in it and let it air dry or hair dry it some.
Hope this advice works for ya! Btw congrats on your baby boy!

Adriane Jons said...

i love your hair like that!