Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Family, Father's, and Fun...

We've kept busy these past few weeks... I got to go hang out with my brother and sister-in-law (and baby Davis!!)  Eric is being deployed in a couple weeks - so I really wanted to go hang out with them and see their place!  I am hoping to head there when Kailey has the baby, so I wanted to make sure I knew where I was going too =)

It was so neat to see Camp Lejeune.  It is a huge base, and it was neat to see my brother in uniform.  He looks so grown up!  Colin had a blast hanging out with them!

We stayed a couple days, then headed back here with Suzi and Garet.

When we were at Eric and Kailey's Colin was not quite crawling, but the day we got back he started!  I asked Eric what in the world he taught my son - it was an army crawl!  And he definitely did not do this before the visit with them!  haha
So, since Colin was officially mobile, and he was pulling up on everything in sight, we decided to go ahead and lower his crib.  The last thing I want to hear on that monitor is my baby jumping out of his crib!

It was a good thing we lowered it when we did, because the next day Colin figured out how to go from his tummy to sitting up.  And after his nap I walked in to him pulling up on the side of his crib!
It is so crazy how fast they grow up!

We have spent a few days at the pool.  It is a nice pool with a diving board, and it has never been too crowded.  Though Colin only lasts about an hour before he is over it.  But while there he LOVES splashing around in the water!

We celebrated Father's day Garet, it was a lot of fun!  We ended up having a beautiful day - so we enjoyed the pool after nap time.  That night we got to grill out and I made some yummy mac and cheese! 

My sweet boy is now in 12 month clothes.  What a sad day to put away all the 9 month outfits... my baby is getting big!  But it is always fun to see the "new" clothes that fit him now!  Doesn't he look so big?! 

It has been so super hot here lately - but the past couple days there has at least been a breeze.  We got Suzi's "purple" out and she had fun playing in the yard.

In fact, she had so much fun that we all joined her.  I took (waaay too many) pictures, and Garet pushed Colin on his swing. 

It has been a fun June so far - and we still have big plans.  Colin and I are headed to Charlotte to see Eric again.  (I am really trying to get in as much "Eric time" as I can before he leaves!)  Can't wait!

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