Thursday, June 9, 2011

Our anniversary...

I am having a hard time keeping up with this blog!  Go to A Beane A Day to see daily posts... I am better at keeping up with that! 

So our anniversary was June 3 - FIVE years!  =)
Garet surprised me with flowers and a cake with homeade peanut butter icing!  I L.O.V.E. peanut butter! 

We drove all around this small town looking for a park that had a baby swing.... we finally found one.  And I mean there is only one in the whole town.  Anywho... Colin loved the swing!  Good thing because we had one for Garet to put in our backyard!

That night we went out to a nice dinner.  The restaurant we went to had nice cloth table clothes, which we had to remove because someone likes to shake and pull on anything he can get his hands on!

The next day we went to a horse show!  Down the road about 15 minutes at Lake Waccamaw there was a horse show!  I so miss being around horses all the time!  So I put on my boots, and got Colin's hat, and off we went!

It was a hot day... but the show was inside.  We packed a picnic to eat while we were there.  But we had to get creative since there weren't highchairs (these were picnic tables).  Colin got to eat his lunch on the table =)

We have had such a wonderful 5 years!  I am so thankful for Garet and the life we have together! 

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