Friday, June 10, 2011


The other day Garet got all the stuff together to put up a swing for Colin!  (This post has a lot of pictures... just to warn ya!) 
Colin and I decided to head out back with some toys and water and "help" daddy hang the swing.  My boy loves water!  In fact the water didn't stay in the containers long... he dumped it all over himself! 

He has two bottom teeth and likes to feel them with his tongue... that is what he was doing.  =)

Splish Splash

It is so neat to see Colin becoming more independent.  He likes to do things himself, but gets frustrated when he can't.  I think I could just stare at him all day... (and actually some days I feel like that's what I do!  haha)

It was nice to be outside without sweating!  It is so humid here - so we found the shade.  And we got wet! 

Like I have said before, Suzi is sooo good with Colin!  She is never far away.  We have realized though that a lot of Colin's "toys" used to be Suzi's "toys"... .like waterbottles... or maybe tupperware (or in this case, Cool Whip lids)...

I got the picture at the perfect time!  She let it go and moved on.

Another thing I just love is Colin with Garet.  If Garet walks in the room, Colin just lights up!  And when Garet is working on something, his son is watching...

Once I got Colin in a dry outfit, Garet was finished with the swing.  And Colin LOVED it!  I am so excited that now we can enjoy being outside more!  It's tough at this age because Colin isn't walking, but he isn't in one place either.  So it is kind of hard to put him on a sheet outside without him pulling it up, or scooting off it into the grass/dirt.  This is great, Colin just loves being outside!

Yup, I think he likes it!

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Amanda said...

His hair is looking red! Wow he is getting so big!