Friday, November 4, 2011

Ending October...

Am I the only one that feels like this year has flown by??  Garet and I had been talking about going to visit his grandmother who lives about an hour away.  Finally we both had free days, so we got to hang out with her!

Colin had a lot of fun.  She has a little dog named Spot, and Colin was very interested in her!  He also got to push around her walker and play with her Halloween candy!

Our church had a Fall Festival that we went to.  It was freezing!  But we had a lot of fun!  As soon as we got there, someone handed Colin a tennis ball and he carried it around with him the entire time!  Actually he held it until we got home... then Suzi got it.  Here is Colin and Garet doing the cake walk!

For Halloween Colin dressed up as The Pokey Little Puppy.  He loved it, see:

When we first moved here and told people the neighborhood we lived in, people would say "Oh wow, has anyone warned you about Halloween??"  Turns out we moved to the place to go for Halloween candy.  Garet and I had never lived anywhere where we got a lot of trick or treaters, so we were excited.

We didn't take Colin out for candy, because, let's face it... he's one.  He doesn't need it. 
While we were getting our candy put in a bowl I handed Colin a wrapped Tootsie Roll Pop to keep him occupied.  After a few minutes we noticed how quiet he had gotten.... he had managed to get the wrapper off and was getting his first taste of a sucker!  And boy he loved it! 
(so yes, we staged this photo.  we had to document him "trick-or-treating")

It ended up pouring down rain!  We still got a lot of kids, but I'm sure many stayed home.  It was really nasty out!

We had a great time!  And now we are looking forward to a super busy November!

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Amanda said...

Oh my that puppy costume is TOO MUCH! I just want to squeeze him!