Friday, November 25, 2011


I am finally able to post about Eric's homecoming!  (if you are on my facebook, you've probably already seen most of these pictures... but if not, they're are a lot!)

Garet, Colin and I all headed to Blue Skies in Morehead (if you are keeping track, that would be two weekends in a row!  =)  sweet!)  and waited for my parents to arrive.  Blue Skies is about 45 minutes from Camp Lejeune (where my brother is stationed) in Jacksonville.  Once my parents got there, we ate dinner, put Colin to bed, and started working on our banner to welcome Eric home!

It says "Welcome Home LCPL ERIC DAVIS", we painted it green, then did glow in the dark paint around the letters.  Since Eric was coming in around 6 pm we wanted him to see it!

The next day Garet and Dad worked in the yard.... Mom and I played with Colin and got things together for that night.  At about 2:30 we loaded up and headed to Camp Lejeune!  (Colin went down for his afternoon nap, but decided he was way too excited to do any sleeping)  When we got there, we got checked in at the gate then went to hang our banner.  I got pictures, but you really couldn't see it too well.  A little farther down from ours, I found the one Kailey did...

Then we headed to Kailey and Eric's house. 
Kailey was getting herself and Morgan ready (remember this was the first time Eric got to meet Morgan!)  Everyone else was just hanging out.... the race was on, Colin was having a snack, the dogs were running around, kids were playing with toys...

At 5 we headed to where we were going to see Eric!!
When we got there we all unloaded and started heading to the building... and we noticed that Kailey left her door open....

... and was off to see her husband!
We got a kick out of that!  No time to shut the door... she was ready!
Here is the crew heading towards the building.  (Garet, my mom, Colin, Rachel, my dad, Gary, Dana, their three kids (Jordan, Teagen, and Trenton), Kailey and Morgan)

We decided we didn't want to sit in the room that was provided, so we all hung out outside.  Colin ate his dinner and had fun playing in the yard with sticks...

And wanted to get through the gate where Eric was going to be...

We were all so excited!  My mom and I went to the bathroom to change Colin and when we came out we about ran down the hall, just in case Eric was there!  We didn't want to risk missing anything!  We got word that Eric was right on schedule to arrive at 6. 

So... at 6 we were all gathered in the yard looking and listening for any sign of a bus.  At about 6:15 we heard a bus, and then we saw headlights!!

It was so indescribable the feeling!  A mix of nervousness, excitement, happiness, everything just all rolled into one!  Kailey said she felt like it was her wedding day!  So ready to see her husband and introduce him to their beautiful baby girl!

Once the bus got there, you could see the Marines getting off and walking into the gated yard (that Colin was trying to get into!) so they could get their bags, and check their guns, and get some instructions.

And FINALLY they started heading toward the gate door!  Kailey immediately said, "I see him!"

And at last...

It was, by far, the sweetest sight!  After a few minutes (which at the time seemed like a long time!), Eric looked up at the rest of us and we all got our hugs in!

Then, I think everyone breathed a sign of relief.  Eric's here.  Eric's home.  Eric's safe.  Eric got to meet his daughter and see his wife.  Eric looks so good.  HE'S BACK!  Kailey and Eric walked to get their car so they could load his bags.  That's my dad in the front with Eric's bags, and the reunited couple walking away.

Once everything was loaded, we were able to get a few more pictures before we left this sweet little family alone!

Eric couldn't take his eyes off Morgan.  It was so precious!  And she was so good.  She woke up right before he got here, and was just as interested in him as he was her!

Kailey turned Morgan around to look at her Daddy, and she just smiled!  I could have melted!  Love at first sight!

And this is my favorite!  Love these three!!

I am getting emotional just reliving it as I type!  What a HAPPY Thanksgiving!  We are so blessed to have Eric back home!


Lacey said...

Those are such sweet pictures! Love this! It made me tear up too. :) Glad he's home and safe!

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you have this recorded, and beautifully so. I was there, too, and get emotional all over again!!! What cherished moments!!
Love, Mom

Missy said...

These pictures are so sweet! I definitely teared up! I'm so happy your brother is home and I'm sure baby Morgan was excited to meet her dad!

Wife, Mama, Meghan said...

Speechless! So happy he is home, I cried the whole time I was reading, I love how you documented it all, a beautifully recorded story of pictures for Morgan to look back on cherish, the day she first met her Daddy, a true hero! Semper Fi!