Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Catching up...

It is hard to keep up with this blog! 
So, after Eric's homecoming, Garet and I went straight up to DC to spend Thanksgiving with Garet's family!
We stayed with Garet's dad... and soon after we got there Colin was already up in Pop's lap playing with his ball.

We spent Thanksgiving day at Garet's sister, Adriane's house.  It was a lot of fun hanging out with everyone.  They have a ping pong table downstairs that got a lot of use!  I think Garet was the reigning champ!

The next night everyone came over to Garet's dad's house for dinner.  Here are the Beane guys:

We had fun talking and laughing.  Then we decided to play chicken foot at the adult's table.  And we got some pictures... this one was supposed to be "serious", but as you can tell only half of us participated =)

When we got home I got in the Christmas spirit.  I am still not big on Christmas music, but I did put on a Christmas CD we have.  It was fun to pull out all of our decorations.  It was just Colin and me at home, and I wanted to get some pictures since Colin was so excited about all the Christmas stuff...

I had just hung the stockings... and the boy jumped up on the fireplace right as I snapped this picture.  He is NOT allowed on it, and he knows this!  Crazy boy!

Speaking of the brick fireplace.... Colin had a run in with it.  I have been so nervous about him running around the brick.  He tripped and his chin scrapped the side.  Poor sweet boy.  So I went out that day and got a "cushion" for the edges.

See his poor sweet chin?
Then we all packed up and went back to Blue Skies!  This time Garet's mom and Rod were there with their dog Schmange

Oh I just LOVE it there!  We are making it a habit of going too =) 

The next day (this past Saturday) I left Colin with the crew in the picture above, and went to my brothers house.  I got to babysit his daughter Morgan, while Garet kept Colin.  It was perfect!  I got a whole night (and day) away (for the first time since Colin was born, by the way!)  and Eric and Kailey got to have a date night.  It was a lot of fun! 
The next day Garet and Colin met me at Eric's house. 

 Then we all went to see Santa!  Garet and I predicted that Colin wouldn't cry, but would probably be very nervous about us leaving him on a strangers lap!  And we were right!  See for yourself:

I LOVE it!  His poor scrapped chin, his pants all hiked up exposing his awesome socks, his look of "what the heck!" OH MY GOSH I LOVE THIS CHILD!!!! 
Seriously, I am so in love!
So that brings us up to date.  I've been running around like crazy to get things ready for Christmas.  We are traveling to Charlotte to celebrate, so there's lots to do! 

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I LOVE the pic of Eric holding Colin and Morgan!!