Sunday, December 18, 2011


Or I am at least trying to be organized!
I am a huge Pinterest fan!  And I found a DIY project on there that used frames to organize your week.  Well, I didn't have a place for a frame collection that big... and it isn't like we have tons going on during the week that I need to write it all down, but what I do need to organize is my thoughts for dinners during the week! 

Here is my solution:

I love it!  I had the 4 small frames, and I bought the 3 bigger frames at Walmart (for like $0.97 each!!)  Then I used some random scrapbook paper I had and wrote Sunday - Saturday on them.  Framed them.  Then hot glued them together.

Now I can write down what we are having for dinners each night.  It is so much easier for me to keep organized when I can see it all written, rather than trying to remember each day what we are doing!

You can use dry erase markers on any frame.  It wipes off simply with a paper towel.
Now if I could just figure out how to do the crazy couponing that I keep hearing about....


Missy said...

That is super cute!

Wife, Mama, Meghan said...

Oh man I love this and am totally stealing this idea. I waste so much paper writing down meals and then half the time can't remember where I put the stinkin paper anyway! How did you secure the frames to one another?

The Beane's said...

Meghan - I hot glued it all together. A lot of hot glue =)