Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Best friends...

(.... sometimes)

Suzi is so good with Colin!  She puts up with so much.  Colin likes to play with her... like he'll run up to her and throw his body onto her.  Or he will grab one of her toys and then throw it at her.  Or if she is playing with her toy, he tries to tug it with her... this sometimes ends with him flat on the floor.

And boy does Suzi love snack time.   Actually she loves anytime Colin has food.  She knows she will usually get some.  Suzi was never allowed "people food".  (she still isn't, unless Colin gives it to her!) 

I was in the kitchen and it was really quiet in the living room.  When I walked in I saw that Colin had backed himself into Suzi, sat down, and was enjoying his snack with her leaning on him. 

I just love these two!  I love that Suzi is so good with Colin.  And I love that she is big enough to handle a ball or two thrown her way.  =)


Hunter and his family... said...

Those are the cutest pictures!! I love it!

L Davis said...

Priceless times!