Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Blue Skies and Valentines...

So, I take tons of picutres.  I may have a slight problem. 

Last weekend we packed up and headed to Blue Skies!  (The name of my mother-in-law's house in Morehead, NC).

We knew that when we got there, Garet was going to have a lot of yard work to do.  So that left Colin and I to find something fun to keep us entertained!  We ended up heading to the aquarium!

I don't know what setting I had my camera on the last time we went to an aquarium, but this time around I just couldn't seem to get good shots... anyone out there have any suggestions??

Anyway, Colin was a little intimidated of the big tanks at first.  The otters were going crazy swimming around, and that freaked him out at first.  They would fly by right next to us!  But once he figured out that they weren't going to get him, he loved it!

We ended up being there just in time to see a "live dive" presentation.  That's where scuba divers go in with the sharks and do a little question and answer skit...  We lasted about 10 minutes sitting here.  And that's only because Colin had a snack he was eating!

But right around the corner was part of the same tank, and no one was there (they were all at the presentation), so Colin was able to get up close and personal...

We had so much fun, just me and my little man!  Too bad Daddy couldn't come, but it was a great way to stay busy while he worked!

We left Sunday to head back here, and boy did we leave a pretty view!

We just love going and relaxing there! 

So Valentines was pretty low key here in the Beane house. 
We had chocolate hearts...


And flowers...

I also got a coffee mug with a picture of Colin on it - I LOVE it!  I'll have to do another post on what I gave Garet (it was a DIY idea), and Colin got some bubbles!  The container is supposed to be spill proof... I'll let ya know how that goes...  He doesn't quite get how to blow through the wand yet.  He blows, but it isn't hard enough, and he thinks he needs to put the wand right against his mouth.  So - we might have to wait a bit and try again =)

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Trisha said...

We used to go to that aquarium every year for one of our school field trips. And we got to play on the beach and try to find jellyfish.