Friday, February 3, 2012

Things we like...

I did a post here when Colin was 3 months old about what we liked (and didn't) so I figured I'd do another one now that he is 16 months old!

These IKEA plates are awesome!  Colin is learning how to use plates, and these hold up great!  (They have taken a few throws to the floor)  They are a perfect size, and Colin loves them.

Cell Phone:
Colin LOVES this toy!  The Fisher Price phone - there is music (that he dances to, of course) and it does the ABC's, and much more.  And he holds it up to his ear and says "Heee"  (Hey) haha

For snacks:
These are great!  Most of the time, if we are out and about, I put animal crackers in these snack catchers.  They allow Colin to just grab one at a time, without spilling things everywhere! 

This book:
It's called Heads, and it is great!  There are tabs to pull out and things to touch and feel - Colin will run to his bookshelf and grab this book all the time!  It's one of the few that he lets me read the whole way through =)

We have tried many cups for Colin, and they all seem to leak.  But we haven't had a problem with this one (yet anyway!)  It locks closed, and even when he tosses it from his high chair it hasn't spilled!  Yay!

The Flip diapers!  That's right, I'm still cloth diapering!  And I still love it!  I haven't ventured out much with the brand, but I figured I like the Flips so why change things!  These have worked great for us, and because there is a seperate insert in them, they weren't hard to get used to.

Of course, there are lots of other things that we like, but those are the stand out ones =)