Monday, December 20, 2010

My [not so] expert opinion...

I know a lot of people blog about what they like/dislike once they have a baby.  When I was pregnant I really liked to know what others liked... so I figured I'd do a post about what has worked or hasn't for us so far.

Colin is almost 3 months old and so far here are a few things that I have liked:

- OXO Guardian Night-Light
This has been used since day 1.  I love it!  The blue light stays on while it's charging, and when you take off the white light it gives off a soft light that is just enough to do night time changing.  It's the only light I need... and it allows me to see without turning on the big lamp.

- Prefold Cloth Diapers - for burp cloths
I didn't get a picture of these, because really any prefold cloth diaper cloth works.  I am AMAZED at the amount of burp cloths we go through!  And these really hold up!
- Boppy
I know everyone puts these on their registry, and I know some people don't like using them, but for me - love it!  In the early days it really helped with breastfeeding, and now that he is getting older it is being used to help him sit up.  (It is also a good prop for photoshoots =) just put it under a blanket)
- Tiny Love Gymini Play Mat
I have also used this since day one.  As you all know, we have an indoor dog - Suzi.  She is my first baby and is so loved, but boy does she shed!  So this is the perfect place for Colin to lay and not worry about getting hair on him.  (Suzi knows she isn't allowed on it)  Now that Colin is a little older, he has really enjoyed looking at the toys and pulling on them.
- First Years Sure Comfort Tub
For one of my baby showers I got three (yep 3!) bathtubs!  This one has a sling type thing that goes in it for newborns.  It is great!  It holds him up and he seems very comfortable.  I have used a different type (without the sling) and he hated it!  I think the sling makes him feel secure in the water.
- Lil' Lamb Dream Swing and Infant Seat
(I only posted a picture of the swing, but there is also a smaller seat that I use too)
These have been WONDERFUL!  Colin loves both of them!  The swing we use  He normally falls asleep in it, but he also enjoys just looking around.  It's hard when they don't have head control but yet want to look around, this is perfect!
The smaller seat is what I use mainly when I am taking a shower.  He is so content in it.  Doesn't fall asleep but just enjoys sitting in it - oh and it vibrates.
- Nursing Tank Top from Target
I didn't get a picture of these either, but I wear these ALL the time when I'm around the house!  They are simple and they look just like tank tops - but with easy access for breastfeeding.

There is a couple things that haven't worked for us... I don't really have that many yet...
- SwaddleMe
These are good in theory... Colin was swaddled in the hospital and that is how he fell asleep.  Well, it takes a few a lot of practices to be able to swaddle correctly.  So I got these to help.  They worked at first, but once we got Colin home he would bust his arms out of the swaddle.  So, we just ended up swaddling him without his arms in it... these blankets just didn't work for us.  For those that are pregnant, take advantage of the hospital blankets!  They work perfectly!
- ItzBeen Baby Care Timer
I was so excited about getting this...
but I haven't used it.  Not once.  My mom has a friend that wrote a breastfeeding book and I used this for the first 2 months of Colin's life.  It helped me keep up with how often Colin was eating, which side to start with next, how much I pumped, and there was a place for notes.  So I used this instead of the Itzbeen.

I also got way too many bottles.  You never know if your milk supply will come in, or come in enough, so I was just praying that I wouldn't need to use all the bottles (in case I needed to supplement formula).
I also have tons of washcloths.

That's about it for now.  I'm sure I'll have more to add once Colin is older! 

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