Friday, December 17, 2010

Football teams...

Growing up, Garet was raised a Redskin fan.  He is from Washington D.C.  If you follow the NFL you would know that the Redskins and the Cowboys are huge rivals!  Well... my brother is a Cowboy fan.  So anytime they play each other, Garet and Eric will exchange texts and phone calls picking on the other.  When we traveled through Charlotte at Thanksgiving, Kailey (Eric's wife) gave Colin a few gifts.  Among those was a Cowboys onesie!

You can see how Garet felt about it =)  But we had to keep it!  It was personalized!

Along the same lines... here in Alabama, people watch college football more than pro football, and Alabama/Auburn are HUGE rivals!  Seriously when you first meet someone, that is in the top questions they ask you... "Are you an Alabama, or Auburn fan??"

So once again, Kailey got Colin a cute onsie:

Hope I don't make any of our Auburn friends mad!  I promise we still claim "neutral"!!  =)


Lacey said...

He is SUCH a pretty baby! Love seeing pictures of him!

Amanda said...

NOOOO Colin! First Alabama shirts next drugs and alcohol!!!

The Beane's said...

Thanks Lacey!!!
And I know Amamnda!! I have to keep a close eye on that boy =)

Kailey Davis said...

hahahaha!!! what a perfect post! For the record, i dont pull for Alabama! My entire Alabama family pulls for Auburn. It just suited Colin ;) see you guys sooo soon! love you.