Wednesday, November 7, 2012


Here are some more:

- Colin was helping move clothes from the washing machine to the dryer.  He pulled out a pair of my undies, and said, "Mommy diaper". 

- It is so cute to see him repeating things we say... like I tell him often, "I'll be right back" when I go into another room or something.  The other day we were in his room and he wanted to go get more of his cars that were in the living room ("more cars...") so he looked at me and said "be back". 
I must tell him to "come on" when I want him to come with me somewhere, Colin has started saying "...mon" for me to follow.  "Mommy 'mon"  =)

- Colin has a car that says something about "Superman..." so randomly now he will say, "Super-Daddy!"  Precious.

- I was changing his diaper and he was clean, so I said something like, "what a clean little booty" - he cracked up so big, and then kept saying "boo-tay!"

- He is learning numbers... right now he says "un, two, eight, two, eight, two, eight, two, eight" ... close.

- I pulled out my phone to take his picture the other day and he said, "no phone Mommy" 

- Colin thinks it is hilarious to talk with his hands.  He will just "blah blah blah" and wave his hands all over the place, then crack up laughing. 

- At the table when I am finished eating Colin will say "Mommy done" and the same with Garet - "Daddy done"

- He is obsessed with Papaw!  He will point to the chairs at our table and say: "Mommy seat, Daddy seat, Papaw seat" then to the floor "Suzi seat"
When Garet asked him the other day "Colin who's your favorite singer?" Colin said "Mommy Papaw!"
I flipped through the channels and there was a race on, Colin loved it!  "Race cars!"  Then every minute or so he would say "Papaw likes race cars"
I could go on and on about this obession =)  It is really cute

- He doesn't get sweets (it's one of those do as your parents say, not as they do kinda rule), so at the Halloween festival he was throwing a ball into a hole, when the girl running it said, "nice try," and handed him a piece of candy... Colin didn't even hesitate... he threw it in the hole.  What else do you do with candy?!

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