Monday, November 26, 2012


I am still here, I promise! 
Baby #2 is keeping me sick through 2nd trimester... so I haven't been up to taking many pictures, or blogging about them! 
So, for Thanksgiving we traveled to Charlotte!  My parents had a FULL house!  It was Mom and Dad, then my family: Me, Garet, Colin and Suzi, and Eric's family: Eric, Kailey, Morgan, Macy and Biscuit!  We had a blast!
Colin and I actually developed a cold soon after we got there (which we are both still trying to get over!)  So, even though we still had a great time, we were feeling pretty bad.  On Thanksgiving day, we had a pretty low key morning.
We had the entire family over to my parents house, and had tons of good food! 
I did get out in the craziness of Black Friday.  There were a few items I wanted to get as Christmas gifts that I had to get.  It was definitely crazy, and I am NOT a shopper... so I will probably rethink that strategy next year =)  But I did get what I wanted to.  (I also took advantage of "Cyber Monday", which is such a better idea!) 

Garet and I got to have a date, which is always sooooo nice!  Colin and Morgan had a good time playing together too!  They are exactly a year apart.  They were so funny together!  Morgan isn't walking yet, but boy she is a fast crawler!  If she wants to get somewhere, she just goes!  And she has sooo much to say!
I love this next picture... look at how they are making the same face =)
We had a great time!  And when we packed up the car to drive back yesterday, it was so nice to get back home in less than 2 hours! 

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