Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Football weekend...

Garet and I decided a while back that we wanted to go to a Panther's football game this season.  We looked at when they were playing at home... and when they would be playing the Redskins.  Garet is from DC, so that was his favorite team growing up.  So we figured out they were playing this past weekend, and Garet's sister and her husband said they wanted to come with us!  So... we have been planning this trip for quite awhile!
We decided to keep it simple on Saturday.  I learned how to make homemade cinnamon buns from Garet's mom!
Oh man did the house smell good!!  It took all morning/afternoon for them to finish (we had to mix it, they had to rise, twice, and then cook), but they were sooooo worth it!!
Wow they were good! 
There may or may not have been a mishap in the kitchen where one of our pans may or may not have ended up face down on the bottom of the oven..... so we had some smoke in the kitchen for a bit.  Therefore we opened all the windows and doors... and we put Suzi in the basement.  When we looked over we saw her tail poking out =)

So funny!
It was FREEZING on Saturday... it made me really worried about the game the next day!  Garet and Colin braved the cold and met one of Garet's friends at a park down the street.  Matt is one of Garet's oldest friends!  They didn't last too long (thank goodness!  it was waaayy too cold!), then we headed to Garet's sisters for dinner.
On Sunday, we got geared up.  We were a house divided.
We drove over to G's sisters and left all the kids (she has 3) with the grandparents and off we went!  While there we got picture updates from Grandma Kay... this one was so funny to me!

The boys playing on their games =)
We were all bundled up and it was cold, but not too bad.  The sun was out so it made it manageable!  I was actually very nervous to wear Panther's attire... I didn't want people to pick on me.  But once we got there, there were actually a LOT of Panther's fans!  I fit right in =)

We arrived a couple hours early so we could tail gate.  Pete was very prepared: grill, burgers, chips, drinks, table, tablecloth, condiments, chairs, football.....  Oh we were set to go!
When we finally got in the stadium, we sat just in time for kickoff!  And here is a view from our seats.
 We were actually under an overhang, so we were in the shade, and it was really cold!  So after halftime, we hiked (and I mean HIKED) up to the upper level to find some seats in the sun!
 The Panther's did SO GOOD!  We WON!  I was sooo excited!  Everytime they would make a play I would jump up, then realize I was the only one standing =)  I really wished Garet was cheering with me! 
It was awesome!  I missed my nap that day (I am still so super tired) and since it was Daylight Savings... Colin woke up super early that day (3:45) at G got up with him.  So we were both exhaused and were in bed before 8 that night!

We headed back home on Monday, but first made a stop to see Garet's dad!
It was a great trip! 


Granny Kay said...

It was all so so fun and thank you for leting me/us babysit!!! You have a fun SON!! grams

Granny Kay said...

Colin, Love the black eye....so macho!!

Lacey said...

Looks like so much fun! Awesome that the Panthers actually won a game for a change, and you were there to see it!