Sunday, December 2, 2012

Baby #2...

I realized that the only thing I've posted on this blog about being pregnant is the fact that I'm pregnant... so now that I am 16.5 weeks, I figured I will do a short update =)
We am so beyond grateful that God has blessed us with another precious angel!  Just to be honest, I had a hard time deciding when to tell people.  With this being my 4th pregnancy (which is still hard for me to say/write/type) we had been cautiously very excited.  This had been our little secret for so long now that was almost hard for me to let everyone in on it =) 
I actually got to surprise Garet with the news this time!  And I found a doctor here that I love!  God has really worked on me and I have learned that when worry comes into my mind, right then and there I pray and give it over to God to handle.  It has been great. 
First trimester, I felt pretty okay.  I was nauseous and super tired!  Nothing to complain about though.  When I hit 14 weeks, I started puking.  I honestly thought I was sick... I didn't realize that it was the pregnancy.  Until after 3 days of only getting sick in the evenings, I called my doctor and without a doubt they said it was the pregnancy.  Evidently this isn't unusual (to be sick in the 2nd trimester).  So, I got some meds, which I haven't had to take very often, although I am taking vitamin B-6 daily!  Then I did get sick - with a bad cold!  So 2nd trimester has been rough so far! 
As mentioned in the earlier post, we are due May 16. 
It is amazing to see God in all that we have been through.  He definitely is in the miracle making business =)  Thank you everyone for your prayers!  We are trilled to welcome another Beane baby!  And soooo excited to see Colin in his new role of big brother!  He's going to be great! 
This is a reason why my posts have been pretty rare recently.  I just haven't felt like being on the computer.  And A Beane A Day has been mostly iPhone pictures!  I will get better!  I promise! 
So here is a picture, because what's a post without a picture??
Funny how much bigger I feel than I think I look!  My belly definitely popped earlier with this baby than with Colin!  And just to compare, here I am at 17 weeks pregnant with Colin:

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Hunter and his family... said...

Awww, Kelly you're so cute! So excited for you guys! Can't wait for May to get here!!