Monday, December 17, 2012

Last week...

was super busy!  And super fun!
My parents came to visit!  We aren't going to see them for Christmas this year, so they came for a few days and we celebrated early!  We had so much fun with them!  Colin borrowed Papaw's hat and shoes...

He kept saying he was going fishing... I guess since there was a fish on my dad's Bass Pro hat =)  He went walking around the whole house with his new attire.
Garet and I had our big appointment where we found out we are expecting a girl!!  I blogged about this a few posts ago.  When I got home, I made some cookies for the cookie exchange party I went to that night.  I made the icing pink to announce the news to my girlfriends at the party... but before I left, we had to taste test the cookies!
The next day we got to hang out with some of my family that lives here - it was a lot of fun!  I didn't get any pictures though...
Then we woke up for an early Christmas!  I wanted to take a picture of our tree before we opened all the presents underneath - when I pulled out my camera, Colin ran.  Can you see his shadow in the picture??  =)  He didn't want his picture taken, but I got him anyway! 

We got lots of fun new stuff!  Suzi got a new bone, and Colin got a sleeping bag!  He loved it!!
And my parents gave Garet and Colin matching shirts!  They were made in NC mud!  How funny!  And don't they look so cute matching?!
So... we haven't really started potty training yet... Colin is very interested and let's me know when he needs a diaper change.  But I have decided that I am not going to push it.  The last thing I want is for it to be a big stressful thing, I figure when he is ready we will do it.  With that said... my parents gave Colin some new underware in his stocking!  And Colin was SUPER excited!  He wanted to put on a pair right away!  My mom grabbed the camera and I said, "stick out your booty to show Grandmama Thomas!"  And this is what we got:
He is so funny!  But he loved the big boy undies, to say the least!  I know that time is coming soon!
Garet and I managed to get a date night too!  Movie and dinner!  It was so nice - it is always nice to get some just the two of us time. 

My parents before we left for church... we are now packing to go see Garet's family for Christmas! 

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