Monday, December 10, 2012

The zoo...

Sunday, we went to Asheboro Zoo!  We went with another couple and their little girl (who is only a couple months older than Colin).  Colin was very excited about it =)
It was a little overcast at first, but by lunch it was nice and sunny!  We saw tons of animals, and this zoo is really good about keeping a natural habitat for the animals.  They had tons of room to roam, so I was glad we saw all of them!  Here is the rhinoceroses. 
Then we saw some monkeys.  They had just finished cleaning their area, so when they came out it was like a herd!
Abby and Colin were a little more interested in the little chipmunk that was hiding in the rock in front of them than the monkey's.  =)
There were statues that the kids could sit on too.  Here is the rhino
We got a good view of the elephants!  Colin really liked seeing them.  He is good at imitating an elephant.... he will throw his arm up like a trunk and make the noise.  It's really cute.
There was a spot where the kids could "fly" a helicopter.  This was a HUGE hit!
Then they got in the back and Garet "flew" them around.
There were giraffes.
Colin did awesome, I don't think he whined or cried once.  He even walked most of the time!  And it was a lot of walking!  He mainly liked to kick the dirt on the side of the walkway though.  I got a close up of my handsome boy!
When we got to the chimps, there was one sitting next to the glass eating.
And then when we got to the gorillas, this big guy started heading out way!
He also stopped in front of us to eat.  And Colin was really excited about this!  I couldn't capture it in the picture, but he was jumping up and down!
We saw tons of other animals!  Fox, some weird pig, ostrich, zebras...
One of our last stops was the bird atrium... and if you know me, you know I do NOT like birds.  So I was a little freaked out in there.  But I found shelter under some overhang and snapped this of my boys...

We had packed picnics so we grabbed lunch.  Then we headed back towards the parking lot to leave.  And look what happened....
Aren't they cute?! 

We had a blast! 

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