Saturday, December 15, 2012

It's a...


We are sooo excited!  We went in on Thursday morning - at 18 weeks - and saw our precious, perfect baby girl! 
My parents are here, so we were able to go without Colin.  This was nice because the ultrasound takes quite awhile... they measure everything (arm bones, leg bones, head, stomach...) and they look for all the organs (heart, heart valves, bladder, diaphragm, brain...), so we got to see our girl for quite a while.  It was great!  And she sure was excited!  She kept kicking and kicking!  Then when the ultrasound tech tried to show us some 4D pictures of her face, she kept her hands up... like she was a fighter blocking herself =)  then she would throw some punches!  haha  It was amazing.
I am so excited to have one of each, but a little nervous... I'm used to being a boy mom!  What kind of girl mom will I be????  Will I dress her in all the frilly, pink stuff???  I doubt it, but who knows =)  Can't wait!!
We feel so truly blessed with this little miracle! 

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