Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Christmas time...

Christmas is going to be so much fun this year!  Colin is starting to "get" it =)  We pulled out all of our Christmas totes soon after we got back from Charlotte for Thanksgiving.  I say "all of our totes" we definitely don't have that many decorations especially compared to some other people I know!  But I am not one to do a bunch of decorating anyway.... so when I started to open the totes, Colin decided to help me of course.  He got so excited when I got out his Little People Nativity Set!  I only hope I can find all the pieces after the holiday!  We also have an Elf on the Shelf, but I only just have the Elf sitting out on a shelf this year.  I felt like it was going to be too much to try and get a 2 year old to understand exactly what to do with him...
We went to get a tree last week, and that was a BIG hit!
We got it from a Boy Scout lot (of course!)  Colin had a ton of fun running through the little rows of trees!  And he was amazed when they loaded it on top of the car!  I kept telling him that we were going to bring it INSIDE the house! 
On the way to the Christmas tree lot, we had fun looking at the Christmas lights that were out.  Colin got so excited when he would spot them: "LOOK MOM!"  Oh... Garet also had fun running through the rows at the lot =)
Anytime we spot a Santa, Colin starts yelling "Look Mom!  Santa!  Santa Claus!"  We were at Walmart the other day and there was a big blow up Santa and reindeer's on top of one of the aisles... so every couple minutes Colin would rediscover it and remind me =)

We are going to celebrate with Santa this year.  But we are careful to keep Jesus in the spotlight!  Colin has his own little interactive advent calander this year.  Every day we put a new figure on this little set.  We have been doing it before his nap every afternoon.  And every day when we go in his room to get ready for nap, he reminds me to do it.  So far we have put a star, an angel, a cow, and a rooster in the set.  When we do, I talk to him about what's going on and the birth of Jesus... and every day so far he has asked where Jesus is.  "Jesus go?"  Baby Jesus is the last figure that will be added to complete the set, but it's really cute to see him trying to understand the story. 

And it has been amazingly in the 70's outside!  Many people are complaining (it's December, it should be cold...) but I couldn't be happier!  I do not like the cold weather - so it's been great to just go outside with Colin to burn off some energy! 

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