Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Halloween weekend...

Halloween isn't for a couple more weeks, but we had two parties to go to this weekend!
The first one was Friday and it was a "Toddler Halloween Party"!  My friend Melanie threw it, and we had a blast!  Here we are getting ready to go!
Our little horse
And our little fireman
(I told him to smile, but he was ready to run out the door!)
Here is a few of the kids playing in the corn
And we took a little break to eat a snack

In the sandbox
 And we managed to get almost all of them lined up for a picture!
Here I am with Katie and Danielle - love these girls! 
Before we left, some of the girls had to come and tell Addison "bye"  =)
On Saturday, we had our friends Stephanie and Colin over with their kids.  One of our neighbors throws an big annual Halloween party... so we headed over there after dinner. 
Their kids (Erik and Abby) wore costumes from Monsters Inc.  Here is Colin and Abby trying to hold hands: 
Garet and I got costumes from his sister...
We were the "slow" signs for children playing.  See:
We were in the process of painting our living room too...
We had lots of fun!  Now we have another 2 weeks before we dress up again =)

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L Davis said...

Y'all should dress up every day..it makes things so much fun, hahaha! The party was cute, even the trees were decorated! What a fun event for the kids (and parents)!. love you all!