Wednesday, October 30, 2013


This past weekend, Garet was in charge of camp.  (He works with the Boy Scouts and has campouts over the weekends that he has to go to).  This time, our whole family went!   We got to stay in a cabin - good thing because it got down to 20 degrees!!  The first night, after the kids were asleep, we hung out by the fire.
There wasn't any wifi or t.v. *gasp*  So, we had to talk and stuff like that.  I know, crazy, right?!
The next morning, like I said it was like 20 degrees, so there was fog over the lake.  This was our view out the window...
Those black things on the water were geese.  Colin loved seeing the "steam" everywhere.
This cabin we were in is for scouts.  So there were bunk beds.  We haven't encountered bunk beds before... here is Colin asking so sweetly, "Mommy, can I get up here?"
And here he is yelling, "Get. Me. Down!"
We walked around camp, and Colin got to do this treasure chest toss.  The camp was a pirate theme, so there were kids dressed as pirates and fun activities.
Addison and I were there too.
By the way, I took my nice camera, but only took pictures with my iPhone.  Go figure.  So I did not realize how bright the sun was behind us.  But here we are anyway:
We walked down to the lake, which was so pretty!
And Colin threw rocks in.  The first thing he said when he saw the lake was, "I sure hope there are rocks to throw in there."  Precious.

Before nap we turned on Chuggington.  I thought this picture was funny of the two of them.
Then, while Colin napped, I got some special time with my girls.  Well, Suzi slept.  Addison and I played =)

After nap, we hung out at the camp office while Garet did some work.  We took Colin's Jeep, so while G looked after Addison, Colin and I had fun outside.
Then, Colin decided he wanted to run around camp.  This is a HUGE camp.  And Colin ran the whole way around it!  I couldn't believe he didn't slow down!  I actually had to jog a few times to keep up!  There he goes...
The next day we were about to load up to head back to the office... all the scouts were leaving that morning.  We got this picture while Addison slept =)
Once Garet got everyone checked out, we hung around waiting for his sister and her family to get there.  I walked with the kids over to the tee pees while G finished up in the office.
The weather was so perfect!  I still tried to bundle Addison because she started getting a cold (which got worse after this day!  Poor baby.)  Love my kids!
Once Garet's sister got here with her family, we showed them around.  Then all went back to our place to eat some lunch.  It was nice visiting with family!  After lunch, we all headed out to hike to the pirate ship!
Of course, Colin brought his wagon.
Here are the guys looking out over the front of the ship.
This is almost all of our crew hiking...
This is the view from where we were hiking.  Can you see the house?  That was where we stayed.
It was a lot of fun!  It is too bad that Garet works on weekends, but I love that we are able to do this with him sometimes!  Colin LOVES being out and about with his dad!  And it is amazing that we could stay at this camp.  It is beautiful there!  It is fun to see what Garet does while we are there too.  And it's neat to visit with the scouts.  We had lunch with one of the troops (or packs?  or dens?  Garet?  what is it again???), it is awesome that they really do everything over the open fire.  We had chili, and they had coffee (which was kept hot by the fire)  So neat. 

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L Davis said...

what a beautiful place! I can see why everyone would like it so much! I'm so glad you were able to spend the weekend there with everybody! Next year, Miss A will enjoy it a whole lot more!