Friday, November 1, 2013


Here is our Halloween!
We got all dressed to go to Colin's preschool for a Halloween party...
It was adorable!
and the kids were sooooo quiet!!
 They had fun snacks... more like sweets.  All that was left on Colin's plate when he was finished were 2 grapes and a strawberry (with the chocolate licked off).
Then they had music class... which Colin LOVES.  He always talks about "Miss Robin" =)
(they were swinging scarfs)
That night after dinner, we got all dressed up to go trick or treating!
Addison and Colin love each other so much!  It is adorable! 
I was talking to Garet and said, "hold Addison while she sits on the fireplace" and I think Colin thought I was talking to him.  He sure tried to hold/hug/rock her...
Glad Garet was there =)
When we went out that night, Colin was super excited!  Here he is at his first house!
 He had to look at each piece of candy before he put it in his pumpkin.
 It was awesome to watch Colin's excitement in going to each house... "let's see who's next!"  "wonder what we will get!"  It was so so so precious!
 He was literally running to each house.  We only went down one street.  After he would get candy he would hold up his pumpkin and say, "I have A LOT!"  He was so cute!
Probably 3 houses in, this happened...
She fell right asleep!
When we got home, Colin got to pick 1 piece of candy to eat.  Then he helped pass out candy.  Everytime the doorbell would ring he would jump up and RUN to the front door.  He would tell everyone "Happy Halloween!" 
Garet and I were talking about how AMAZING it is to see everything through our kids eyes!  It is so wonderful!  We had a great Halloween! 


Lacey said...

Oh my goodness...that pictures of your sweet sleeping elephant couldn't be any cuter. Halloween was pretty much just like that for us too. It is SO fun to see it all again through our babes' eyes.

And btw, your kids are super CUTE. You know that right? ;)

L Davis said...

I could feel the excitement through your words and pictures! THANK YOU FOR SHARING WITH US!!!
This makes me smile so big.

L Davis said...
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