Monday, November 11, 2013

Halfway to one...

 I am keeping track of all the updates on Addison at the top of the blog... it is an easy way for me to click and look back on what was going on.
 Addison is six months old!
I took some pictures of her - Colin and Suzi came in for some pictures too =)
Addison is:
- eating oatmeal, fruits and veggies.  So far she likes everything she has had except the green beans.
- taking a nap twice a day, anywhere from 30 minutes to 2 hours.  Sleeps at night from 7/8 - 7 in the morning.  Sometimes waking to eat.
- sitting up.  She can do it for a long time, but when she is done she just falls... backwards, forwards, or sideways... I always keep a pillow handy =)
- grabbing anything in sight! 
- She LOVES her brother, probably as much as he loves her.  They are absolutely precious together.
- She loves to be outside.
- She hates her carseat and riding in the car.  Hates it.
- She likes to look at herself in the mirror.  And thinks she is hilarious.

In these pictures she is wearing a dress that my mom made me when I was a baby.  I took lots but I may use them for a Christmas card... so I'm not posting any more of them here =) 

We love our little lady!  She completes this family and has brought us so much joy!
Here is Colin at 6 months.

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L Davis said...

Precious..what more can I say? She is beautiful. I know you're in awe every time you look at her..such a gift. I love her in this dress..I need to get a picture of you when you wore it!