Monday, February 17, 2014

Nine month baby girl...

I am keeping track of all the updates on Addison at the top of the blog... it is an easy way for me to click and look back on what was going on.
Addison is:
Cruising along furniture.
"talking" all the time!
Usually taking 2 naps a day and sleeping around 11/12 hours at night
Eating 3 baby food meals a day, but has started eating "real" food (bananas, peas, crackers, green beans...)
17 lbs (30%) and 26.75" (17%)
wearing 9 - 12 month clothes and size 2/3 shoe (tiny feet!) (oh, and she doesn't really "wear" shoes, more like sees how fast she can kick them off!)
giving high fives (or low fives...)

She loves Suzi! 
And Colin loves her!!!  I will pick him up from school and he will go directly to Addison for a hug first.  When he wakes up in the morning and comes down stairs, Addison gets the first hug and kiss... and then me =)  He talks to her high pitched "What do you want to do Addison?  Want a book?"  He has started trying to pick her up.  I decided to not try to fight it... instead I taught him how to pick her up (under her arms, NOT by her neck... sheesh)  I still keep my eye on those two!  He wants to help feed her.  He asks about her when she isn't around (like when she's napping).  It is so amazingly precious!!  I just wish I could bottle up these sweet moments forever!

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L Davis said...

Little dainty munchkin is 9 months old! Wow! Love the little lady!