Tuesday, January 28, 2014


Our January has been fun, and busy!  Here are some pictures from the month...
I tried to get a picture of all 3 kids =)  This is what I got:

Poor Addison... she got a BIG lick!
Garet's sister Karen and her son Sam came by.  Colin loves hanging out with Sam, although not quite sure what C is doing in this picture...

Colin really likes playing outside.  He has started to play with Suzi too.  I love that we have so many windows looking into our backyard.  It is great to send those two outside and be able to watch from the warmth inside!

It was so cold and rainy earlier this month, so we had to find inside things to keep us busy.  This day we painted.  Colin had a brush, but somehow got it all over his hands... so we made lots of handprints instead =)
When Colin gets up from his "quiet time" (he really doesn't take naps anymore, but he still goes to his room during that time), he gets a snack.  Addison has started climbing up on the back of his desk to see what's going on!
Colin went to the dentist for the first time and was so so great!
When my mom and Ann were here we went shopping.  Addison got some shades. 
We got a little bit of snow  a week ago.  Colin had a blast playing in it (it was actually more like ice at this point)
He really wanted to make a snow angel.  Poor kid.  Maybe this afternoon we will get snow and he will REALLY be able to make one!
I took Colin to school and Addison and Suzi were watching me leave
My mom took this picture while I was gone.  Addison and Suzi seem to be having a picnic!
Before G and I went out on our date, we wanted to take a picture.  The kids were there, so we turned it into a family shot... including our messy floor =)
Colin having fun with Ann

And my mom with Addison
 I just love this picture of Colin!
G and I took the kids to Monkey Joes since it was so so cold outside.  Colin LOVES going here!  He had so much fun!  Here he is climbing up:
and here he is falling down.  Parenting fail.
Don't worry.  He was fine.  Jumped up and kept right on going.
He even got to give a five to the Monkey.
Here I am with Addison, just to prove we were there too =)
And they are calling for snow the next couple of hours here.  I am sure I will have lots more pictures if we actually get it! 


Lacey said...

Cracking up at the picture of Colin falling off of the slide! And your caption. Such cute kiddos. And YAY for snow today!

L Davis said...

love all these pictures and updates. Ann and I had so much fun with you guys. That's a real funny picture of Colin diving off the slide. sweet family ;)