Thursday, January 9, 2014


I have started taking pictures of random things, just so I don't forget...  It is the little things that I don't think to write down that I love and want to remember. 

The dinosaur crashing the nativity scene:
Colin helps feed Suzi.  He always fills the food to the point of overflowing. 
Our morning... this was actually one of our laid back mornings.  But, every morning I get Colin dressed and teeth and hair brushed, then I let him and Addison play either in his room or mine while I get dressed and teeth brushed... then I get Addison dressed, then we are back downstairs.  This is the latest thing they like to play with... these memory blocks.

Suzi trying soooooo hard to kiss Addison.
 Walks to the lake:
Snack time.  Colin gets to watch tv while he eats his snack.
What Does the Fox say.  This song.  Wow.  It gets stuck in your head!  Then Colin got this shirt (thanks mom!) and every time I see it I think of the song.  Actually, Colin gets it stuck in his head too!  This is him singing it =)
Funny faces.  Colin is so so funny!
Cars galore! 

Suzi gets as close as possible.  And Addison is just as interested in her!  Addison sticks out her tongue all the time!  See it?
Playing in the mud.  Can you see the big splash?!  He was a MESS!
Watching movies on cold and/or rainy days.  Colin is finally at an age where he can sit and actually enjoy a movie.  It is fun to make it special with popcorn or "hot tea" (this was Colin's request!)  =)

Sleeping angels.  They grow up so fast.  I love soaking up moments like this!

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L Davis said...

You're right..these are precious times, and I'm so glad you treasure them all!