Friday, January 3, 2014

Christmas in Charlotte...

The day after Christmas, my brother and his family came over to my parents and we all exchanged gifts!
We had so much fun!  It is always nice to hang out with family!
Here is Addison with baby Jesus...
One thing that Garet and I got from my parents was this awesome St. John print.  In the picture there are hidden words... meaningful to us.  Like: SunDog (where we worked when we lived there), our names, some of the beaches and restaurants... it is AWESOME!  This is Kailey and I searching for the hidden words:
I made a book for Morgan (and family) of our trip to Disney.  Isn't this precious?!
Colin got a remote control Mater! 
Eric and Garet were going head to head in the championship of their fantasy football...
Then we all loaded up and headed to my aunts house!
My family always gets together for the holidays... all of us!  We tried to get a group picture, but we are missing a few...
Colin loves being at Grandmama and Papaw's house!  They have a fun yard... the side yard is a bunch of trees, aka the "woods" and he loves to walk around in there, with a wagon of course.  I love this picture... it looks like they are really playing football =)
We got to have dinner with my best friend Marsha one night!  Love this girl!  
 And here are the guys...
 We also went to this huge indoor playground!  It was awesome!  Colin went crazy!  He actually went alllllll the way to the top and slide down that slide too!
It was a lot of fun! 
That afternoon Eric, Kailey and Morgan came back over to have dinner with my Uncle and Patsy.  Here is Colin and Morgan with Mater...
My family =)
Addison sporting a new bow...
Here is my brother with his sweet family:
It was so so so much fun! 
I think this picture is out of order, but I don't feel like fixing it =)  So here is Addison playing with my mom:
We had a great Christmas!
Although I was super excited to get back home and undecorated (I don't like things out of order!!) and get organized with all our new stuff!


Lacey said...

I think my sister got one of those prints too for Daytona where her beach house is. They are so awesome! Glad y'all had a great Christmas!

L Davis said...

I love looking at these pictures and remembering what a fun time we all had! So so glad we could spend time together! love you!