Monday, September 15, 2008

Sun Times...

When we lived on St. John there was a free magazine that started called "St. John Sun Times". It came out weekly and just gives updates and things to do, etc. It was neat to see what they put on the cover - it was always something clever. Well for the 2nd half of our honeymoon, Garet and I went back to St. John. The big "to do" on the island at that time was that there was a wild Puma on the loose. While we were hanging out with some friends the photographer for the Sun Times came around and asked me if I wanted to be on the cover? Duh! Yeah I did! :)

She assembled a few of us girls around one of our friends, Andy. The lady told Andy that he could do whatever he wanted to because his face was going to be covered up to look like a Puma! We had to leave island before that issue came out and I never saw it! My dear sweet husband has used his magic powers (and St. John connections) to find a picture of the cover for me! I was so surprised! Here is what it looks like:
Can you see me?? Here is a closer picture, I'm on the left...

Haha!! I just thought that was soo sweet that Garet tracked it down! I was obsessed with trying to find it after we got back to the states after our honeymoon. I tried to get my friends that were on island to mail it, and finally I gave up. Now here it is over 2 years later!
On another note - I will have to blog tomorrow about our weekend! I got to horsesit (yes I said horse) and Suzi had a puppysitter (thanks Owens!!!)

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