Wednesday, September 24, 2008


Garet, Suzi, and I love going on walks! We have been trying to go on one everyday when we get home from work. Since it is cooling off it has been wonderful weather for a walk! Suzi knows what it means too... if you say "walk" around her she gets SO excited! Anyway, yesterday we went down the street a little ways to a nature preserve. There is a nice little trail that we went for a walk on.
This is our view the entire walk :)

Garet and Suzi - look how pretty the trees are!

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Anonymous said...

Haha, I love your picture of "your view on your walk." When I went to Alaska in May we went dogsledding and it was so cool and I took tons of pictures, and then when I got home and looked at them I realized I just had tons of pictures of doggie butts. Niceee. :)