Wednesday, June 10, 2009


Get ready for picture overload! :)

My mom finally got all my dad's pictures from Africa off the camera and emailed out! There were around 345 pictures that were emailed, so this is a VERY small glimpse of my dads time over there.

The team was split into 3 parts: water purification, medical, and evangelism. My dad was part of the water purification - he said him and the other 2 guys were known as the "Water Boys". Can you guess which one is my dad in this picture?

This was inside one of the schools:
This was their church service... my dad is the one on the right:
Guess what my dad taught some of the kids? How to hula hoop!

On their last day, they got to go on a safari! Dad said they saw a ton of elephants! What a neat experience!


The Melton's said...

Looks like a very humbling experience. The pictures were incredible, although I'm sure they don't begin to show the depth of the trip! Thanks for sharing!

Amanda said...

Such wonderful pictures. I know that was an amazing experience. Love the picture of that little baby!

Anonymous said...

Those are awesome pictures! That picture of the little boy is so precious!