Thursday, June 25, 2009


Our neighbor is moving :( So sad! We really like them! It is a young couple, Amy and Ryan, and their baby, Kate - and they are the sweetest people! Ryan got a job in Virginia (which is near where they are from), so they are moving. As they were packing they came across things that they didn't want to move but also didn't want to throw away - so Garet and I got a bunch of stuff... light bulbs, food, books, cleaning supplies, baskets, and we also got a couple house plants!

It is amazing how a couple plants can really spice up a room!


The Melton's said...

I love plants....but always manage to kill them :-( I resorted to a fake tree in our living room!
They look great!

Meghan said...

Free is always the best way to go! Hey love the color of your walls, computer monitors vary so much but from here it looks like a very subtle blue? What color is it?