Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Catch up...

Wow, I have been busy! Doing what? I have no idea - but for some reason I just haven't had time to sit :)

Garet and I are celebrating our anniversary this coming weekend - we are taking a long weekend to Gatlinburg. I am SO excited! It will be so nice to get away! Last week Garet had Cub Scout Camp all week. He kept really busy with that. They had BB guns, bow & arrows, hiking, learning about boy scouts, playing, eating, all that fun stuff! Here are a few pictures that they had from the camp...

Isn't the last one adorable?! haha
We had a beautiful weekend, so we didn't stay inside much. I will have to post a few of the pictures I took over the weekend - maybe I'll be able to get them on the computer tonight. In other news, my dad is home from Africa! Thank you to everyone that prayed for them! He and his team had a wonderful experience! It is neat to hear all the stories dad has from his trip!

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