Monday, November 16, 2009

One more week...

Can you believe that in one more week I will be home with my family to celebrate Thanksgiving?! Crazy! Not to mention the weather has been getting up in the 70's here! It just doesn't feel like the holidays!

I realized that I mainly do my blog posts on Mondays - just blogging about our weekend. Guess that's when we really do stuff :) Although, this weekend we really didn't do anything! It was so nice!

Saturday was spent cleaning. Sounds fun, right? I do love having a clean house though! Garet also managed to rearrange our beds. We are preparing to get our bedroom furniture, so we moved our bed into the guest room, and now our bed is just on a bed frame. Garet works most every night this week, so it was the only time he could do it before we (hopefully) get the furniture on Thursday. I can't wait!!!

Yesterday we got to actually watch the Panther's game on OUR t.v.!! Most of the time, to see the game we have to go out - it is never televised here! Yesterday we played Atlanta - soooo we got to see it! And I'm glad we did! WE WON! Woo Hoo! (bout time!)

I have my cake class tonight :) I get to learn how to make roses! I am having a lot of fun with it! I will be sure to take some pictures (unless they look ugly).

I did manage to get a shot of us... it only took about 50 takes :)

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