Saturday, January 9, 2010

Snow days...

This past Thursday morning we woke up to small snow flakes. Once I got to work, at 8, the flakes were huge and they were starting to stick! So, at about 9 a.m. my boss sent us all home (all 8 of us!) Here was the road to our neighborhood...
Yes I was taking a picture as I was driving. What? We don't see stuff like this down here! I had to get some shots :) Here is our pond at the entrance of our neighborhood - it was frozen solid!
And here is the street in front of our house:
It was crazy! It snowed all day long! Garet started a fire soon after I got home from work and we kept it going until we went to bed that night!
I managed to get a few shots, but honestly I pretty much stayed inside. It wasn't enough to get out and play, and it was FREEZING! I am talking like 8 degrees outside!
Yesterday it was still snowing, but nothing was sticking much. There was a lot of ice on the roads so that made for some craziness. We did manage to get out with some friends last night for dinner and a movie. At least we didn't have to stay cooped up! When we got home, we couldn't get up our driveway! The tires kept spinning! Garet didn't want to leave the car on the street (because it would get too cold :) ), so he went to Walmart to get some salt. Turns out everyone had the same idea and there wasn't anymore salt. So guess what he covered our driveway with??? Cat liter. Is that really what people do?? Gross. Now we have kitty litter all over the bottom of our driveway. Really?!

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