Thursday, January 21, 2010

THE wedding...

Ready for another picture overload??? Okay here we go...

Saturday morning started off early for us girls! Kailey's aunt hosted a bridal brunch for all of us ladies at 9 that morning. It was so nice! Her aunt had a feast for us!
All of the bridesmaids came, and my mom, Kailey's mom, Kailey's step-mom, the flower girl, Kailey's grandmothers, some aunts and cousins... there were quite a few of us girls! We enjoyed food and good convo, oh and they served mimosas.
We all came pretty dressed down since we were leaving from there to get our hair done. Kailey finally got to wear her Bride outfit!
Once we left there we headed over to the salon to get our hair done. I'm sure I mentioned before that Kailey does hair, so we had all the girls at her salon working on us. Someone else did our makeup - Which by the way, was WAY out of my comfort zone! If you really know me, you know I don't wear much make up. Boy did I wear a lot that night :)

Kailey picked out a hairstyle that Carrie Underwood had - it was teased on top, then pulled back to the side in kind of a messy bun. It was very cute! We were there for a long time, and then we headed over to the church to start getting dressed.

The flower girl, Olivia, is a close family friend to Kailey. She had her dress specially made to look exactly like Kailey's wedding dress! It was adorable!
Everything went so smoothly that day! I think it started to hit Kailey when she could hear the music starting up! My plan was to sneak over to the boys side to see my brother, but I never did. The first time I saw him was when I walked down the aisle. SO CUTE!!
Kailey decided to have two garters. One to throw, and one to keep. Since Eric is going into the Marines, she picked one to represent that.
Here are all the bouquets
and the bride
The ceremony was beautiful! It was a very Godly service. I could see my brother's face almost the whole time, and he was just so happy! I managed to choke back most of my tears :) Like I mentioned in the previous post, there weren't any pictures taken during the ceremony, so I don't have any of them walking down the aisle.

The reception was just as beautiful as the rest of the day had been! It was packed with around 250 people. There was a slide show going of Eric and Kailey from when they were babies all the way through now (I am proud to say I put that together).
After they announced the wedding party, Eric and Kailey led the line through the buffet. Then once everyone was finished eating they had their first dance.
Right after the ceremony, when I saw Eric I asked to see his ring. Inside was engraved "History in the Making" I thought, how cute! But then when they had their first dance, it was to the song "History in the Making" by Darius Rucker, and it all made sense! And it was sooo sweet!
Not only was it great to be there at my brother's wedding, but it was also so great to see my whole family! We took tons of pictures, but I didn't get any with my camera. I did get one of the proud parents!
When Kailey first started planning everything for the wedding, she said that neither her nor Eric really like cake, so they probably wouldn't do anything fancey for the cake...
Just take a look...
How gorgeous is that?! She even laughs that she said that at the beginning! They also discussed beforehand that they would not be smashing cake in each others face, even though there was a lot of people egging them on, they kept their promise and kept it sweet.

Here I am with the groom
Just as they wanted, there was a lot of dancing! It seemed like everyone had a great time!
I can't remember what song Eric and my mom danced to, but it was really sweet too!
The bouquet and garter toss are always a big hit!

Oh, it was just such a perfect wedding! They both looked wonderful and happy! I know they are having tons of fun in Jamaica right now! I will have to plan a trip to go back soon!

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Lacey said...

Their wedding looked beautiful and fun! They look very happy and I'm so jealous that they are in Jamaica right now!

You looked really pretty too!!