Thursday, January 21, 2010

Eric & Kailey...

These are going to be long, just want to warn you :)

On Friday we had the rehearsal and dinner. It was so much fun! Remember how I did a cake class? Well, somehow I was convinced to do the rehearsal cake for Eric and Kailey. Don't get me wrong, I was honored! But this was their CAKE! My mom had tried to get one made, but the place wouldn't do what she wanted... so I did it. Actually my mom, dad, and I all had a hand in it. Mom cut the strawberries, dad crushed all the Oreos, and I iced and place everything.
Once we got everything place, we had to put it in the box for transportation. Well... the box lid would have smooched the center strawberry... so my dad fixed it :)
After lunch, my mom and I headed over to the place where the reception would take place. We went to help decorate. It was already starting to look beautiful! Their colors were black, silver, and white. The centerpieces on the reserved tables (reserved for family) had a bouquet of white hydrangeas surrounded by candles. The centerpieces on all the other tables had a tall vase with a floating candle surrounded by smaller candles. It was fun to go help set up and see the behind the scenes! Kailey was there, and was doing pretty well :) She wasn't too stressed and seemed to have everything under control!

That night we got all ready to head out to the rehearsal.
Everyone was on time and ready to get things started. On the day of the wedding no one was allowed to take pictures, so the only pictures I have right now of them actually getting married are these from the rehearsal! Just pretended she is in a white dress and he is in a tux. Thanks.
I can't wait to see the photographers pictures of the actual day! She got to take pictures, she just couldn't use a flash. Here they are getting instructions:Here they go! Aren't they too cute?!
We went to City Tavern for the dinner. It was wonderful! They put us in a private room and we had our own little buffet. It was really nice! Here is Eric posing with the cake :)
And, here are my parents - the proud parent's of the groom:
The food and everything was so good! Everyone was so excited for the next day! The girls got together for some pictures... I am pretty sure no matter where you go, the girls always get together for pictures!
I will do the next post on the wedding!

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the Provident Woman said...

I think the cake looks awesome. Good job.