Friday, March 18, 2011

Five on Friday...

1. Colin celebrated his first St Patrick's Day yesterday!  He made sure to wear green so he didn't get pinched! 

2. Also yesterday, I had to go to the specialist about my dumb knee.  I am not a fan of going to the doctor, or taking meds, so after a lot of pushing encouraging from my husband (and mother), I went.  Basically I have to go to physical therapy, but they also gave me a steroid shot in my knee!  It hurt like heck I tell ya!  I could barely walk out of that place!  Anyway... all that to say that while I was wasting 2 long hours getting my knee shot up at the doctor, Garet took Colin to Publix to do some shopping.  When they got home, this was what Colin looked like:
Super cute, right???  =)  But also... pantless.  My boy went out and about with no pants on!  haha 
When I saw him and said, "where are his pants?!"  Garet replied, "oh, does he need pants?"  I know around the house I let him go without pants, just cause it's easier, but not when he is going out!  haha, I got a kick out of it!  At least it was warm!

3. Let me back up some and fill you in on how traveling with a baby went...
It was perfect!  Although, I am a very scheduled, planner type person, so I had to get over that.  For example - here we start Colin's bedtime routine between 7/7:30.  He is in bed, asleep by 8 each night.  The first night we were there, we didn't get to our room till after 7, Colin was in bed at 10:30.  And it was fine.
The airplane was great, as I have mentioned.  I am still breastfeeding, so I got over nursing in public real fast!  There really isn't a "private corner" to go to inside Atlanta Airport!  So, I stacked all our luggage in a seat next to me and had G sit on the other side, and it worked just fine!  In fact I bet most people didn't even realize I had a baby under my cover!
Feeding him rice cereal was done in his carseat.  No big deal, just had to wash it real good once we got home!  I borrowed a pack'n'play from the hotel.  And for his bath, I just used a towel and put it in the bath with him (rolled up behind him) to keep him propped up. 
It really couldn't have gone smoother!  We made sure to "go with the flow" and Colin did perfect!
4. So, we have been staging our house since we found out we were moving.  We have been non-stop cleaning, rearranging, fixing, packing, etc.  We will get started on one thing and that will lead us to another thing... it's been crazy around here.  Still, I chuckled when I found where Garet had left his water the other day:
See it?  On the top of the guest closet!

Then Garet made me laugh again (do you see a pattern here??) when I sent him to the store for candles.  We have one of those candle holders that go around your umbrella on the outside patio table.  Ya know... the one that holds tealight candles.  So, I told G that I wanted green tealight candles... this is what I got:
Every color tealight they had, plus some votive candles too!  haha, just in case I needed options =)  (We went with the green.)

5. Speaking of the house... it is officially for sale! 
Anyone want to move to a beautiful 3 bed, 2 bath brick home in Alabama????

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Missy said...

Good luck with the staging and selling of your house!