Saturday, March 5, 2011

Rainy day...

* just found this .... I had forgot to post it!  oops =) *

Today has just been... blah outside.
I think I have been spoiled by all the nice, warm weather - and I forget that we are still technically in winter.

So Garet had to work for the most part today (boo!) so me and the little man had an inside day.  We played peek-a-boo:
Colin loves this game!  I did it with his burp cloth (it was clean, I promise!)  Every time I say "Boo"  or I say, "Where's Colin?"  and pull the cloth away and say "There he is!"  He just cracks up!  He has started pulling the cloth away himself... that's what he was doing in this picture.  That's why he is still partially covered!  =)

We also played with many, many of his toys:
I loaded a bunch of them around him and took this picture.  He tends to get bored with some real fast, and others I don't think he has gotten tired of them yet!  See that alligator he has his hand on?  He loves that one!  It's funny to see which toys grab his attention.

We also read:
Okay, I read... and then Colin tried to eat it.
He loves to read be read to.  He has favorites of these too.... I have found that any book I read that has more words than pictures, really don't interest him right now!  This book is one of his favorites.. "Barnyard Dance!"  He also really likes "Brown Bear, Brown Bear What Do You See".  I think I have these memorized...

Oh and we have only taken 1 nap, for 30 minutes... don't know what that means.  He is about to doze off right now though... hopefully it means he'll sleep well tonight!  =)

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