Monday, May 16, 2011

Family time...

My parents came this week!

It was soooo great to have them here!  I love the fact that they are less than 3 hours away!  They brought us a riding lawnmower (which G is very thankful for!), rocking chairs for the front porch, and we got to borrow my dad's power washer!

It is amazing the difference after we finished!

While Garet started power washing... we all sat in the front yard and watched =)

So, we took a day (more like an hour) to show them around the small town of Whiteville.  When we got back to our house, we got word from my brother that they are expecting a baby GIRL on October 1!!!  YAY!!  I am soooo excited!  My mom and I, of course, had to go out and buy them a few cute outfits! 

My parents left on Friday and headed on down to see Eric and Kailey... and Garet and I had my cousin and her husband over for dinner.  Once again - so nice to be able to do that since we are close!

We have really been enjoying our front porch now that it is clean and we have rockers! 
I just love my boys!

Sunday morning Garet was watching Colin while I was getting ready for church, and when I came in I saw Suzi laying with her head on our chair!  See her ear?  What a funny dog!  She didn't even move when I took this!

My parents came back and stayed the night Sunday night on their way back to Charlotte.  Before they got here I made some cookies!  (chocolate chip!)  I have been having a hard time trying to figure out how to get things done in the kitchen with Colin... at our house in Huntsville, I could see the living room from the kitchen... so Colin could be playing and I could still see him.  Here, I can't.  So, I just put him on the floor with some toys (a.k.a. kitchen utensils) while I made some yummy cookies!
He loved it... if you can't tell, he was playing the drums =)

Today was beautiful!  We got to go on our usual walk this morning... Grandmama took Colin outside to check out our hydrangea... which I love!

And we got to try out Colin's pool!  Here is my sweet boy in his swim suit!

He was very nervous about this!  He had a death grip on me when I got in with him!  He eased up a little when I sat down.  You can see how worried he is... I was splashing the water. 

He loves his bathtub, and he splashes like crazy in it... so we got his bathtub and put it in the pool for him to sit in.  That did the trick.  After getting semi-comfortable in that, I took him out and plopped him down in the pool...
He was a little unsure but he did well.  We didn't last too long, but it was a start!

It was sad to see my parents go.  I loved having them here! 

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Missy said...

Wow he's getting so big! And congrats to your brother and Kailey on their new arrival!