Monday, May 9, 2011

Mother's Day...

I had a good Mother's Day.  I truly feel so blessed that God has given me such a precious child! 

We got back from Bethesda on Saturday, so Sunday I could have my first Mother's Day here with my family.  Garet was going to make me Sunday breakfast... but we only had eggs.  =)  We didn't have time to go to the store after we got back Saturday night.  

We went to church, then Garet (and Colin!) treated me to lunch!  I have mentioned before how small this town is... and how odd the hours are at stores and restaurants... well on Sunday's downtown looks completely shut down.  So... we had lunch at the Southern Sizzler.  haha!
It was pretty good... and PACKED!  It was probably the only place in town that was open!

When we got home, we went on a nice walk - the weather was beautiful!  Then my brother called and said him and Kailey were going to stop by on their way back home from Charlotte.  It was so great to see them!  I love that we are on their way home! 

Then Garet made dinner for me!  It was soooo good!  He made Rattlesnake Pasta - we met when we both worked at Uno Chicago Grill... it was on the menu there.  Delish!  Oh, and he made brownie's with peanut butter!  (I could seriously eat an entire jar of peanut butter with a spoon!) 

It was perfect. 
Last year we celebrated Mother's Day... since I was pregnant.  But this year I feel like it was REAL.  As many of you know, it took us awhile to get pregnant, so last year's Mother's Day was very emotional for me.  This year I am just very thankful for my sweet little man!  I am overwhelmed at how much love I have for Colin, and I thank God for him every time I look at him!  I love being his Mommy!

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