Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Walks around the hood...

We go on a walk (or a "w" as we say in front of Suzi) at least once a day.  It's funny because here in our neighborhood most of the dogs have electric fences.  So they run right up to you when you are walking.  Well they run up when we are walking with Suzi... if it's just me and Colin, they could care less. 

So, Garet and I have named all the dogs in our hood....
(just keep in mind, we have no clue what their names really are... or even if they are male or female)

- Regal - a brown and white English Setter.  She seems like she turns up her nose when we walk by - occasionally she will bark, but for the most part, she is too good for us.

- Yacks - These are two labs (?) a black lab, and a yellow lab (according to the owner, whom we have met) but the yellow one looks like she has Great Dane mixed in there.  We got the name because one is Yellow and one is blACK = YACK

There is one strip that I refer to as the "Dog Pound"  Ya know how you walk through the pound and a million dogs run up and start barking at you?  Well that's what this reminds me of...

- Wheely - Part of the Dog Pound.  This is also a black lab.  He runs with all his might up to the edge of the yard then starts hoping on his back legs at us... ya know, like a wheely.

- Humpy and Victim - Part of the Dog Pound.  Humpy is a Black Lab, Victim is a black dog with long hair.  I thin the name says it all.

- The Yappers - The main part of the Dog Pound.  A Beagle, a Jack Russell, and a real old dog.  The Beagle charges, followed closely by the Jack... and bringing up the rear is the old Yap (our favorite of the Yaps.  He kind of trots towards us, and with each trot he barks.)

- Bouncer and Goldy - Part of the Dog Pound.  Bouncer is a young Yellow lab.  Our favorite in the hood.  He is sooo full of energy and just bounces all over the place!  His yard mate is a long hair golden dog.  And she doesn't put up with this crazy young Bouncer!

- Dizzy and Mini Me - Last part of the Dog Pound.  Dizzy is another black Lab.  There is a huge patch of shrubbery in this yard, and Dizzy like to run around it.  Mini Me looks like the dog from Wizard of Oz (ToTo).

- Bashful - A Golden Retriever.  Love this sweet dog.  She doesn't travel far from the garage, but when she does, she bounces in the flower bed and acts like she's going to bark, but then runs back into the garage.

- The Mafia - A crazy mix... a big ole St. Bernard, a German Shepard, a big long hair white dog with gray and black spots, an old dog that doesn't move, and a few ducks (weird, right?)

- Romeo - a tiny little white dog that roams from his home yard to the yard across the street.  Barks at us from a distance.

- Juliet - English Setter that lives next to Romeo.

- Dragon - This dog stays in the garage.  We will hear him barking, but rarely does he emerge from his cave (a.k.a. the garage).

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Amanda said...

This post is so funny to me because T and I also nickname animals in our neighborhood too! My favorite you listed was Humpy and Victim. Poor victim..haha. And we have the Yappers too! They live across the street from us about 4 shitzu/poodle sized dogs and they always alert Ray when someone walks past the house. So he walks to the door to check it out if he is inside.