Friday, July 29, 2011

Big brains...

Colin had a doctors appointment.  He is 10 months, and he is 28 inches tall... 26th percentile, 19.5 pounds... 24th percentile, and his head is 42 cm... 84th percentile.  That's right folks - my boy has a big brain in that noggin' =)  And can you see his little band aid?

At least he is all smiles!  I really thought he was going to weigh more than he does - but the doctor said he was right on track.  Everything checked out perfectly!

When we got home, Colin was so busy playing in his room.  He likes to peek out over his baby gate.  And I had to get a shot of his beautiful head of hair

Other than the shot, it was a good day!  Even with that he didn't cry long. 
Colin really likes his little buddy Scout.  This stuffed animal sings songs and says phrases that are personalized.  Like the dog will say "I love you, Colin" and one of the songs spells out C. O. L. I. N.  And he says his favorite color (blue), favorite food (banana), and favorite animal (dog), which is programmed as Colins favorites.  It's really cute.

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Missy said...

OH my gosh I can't believe he is already 10 months! So big and handsome!