Sunday, July 3, 2011

Great day...

We had such a wonderful day yesterday!  We decided to drive out to Sunset Beach!  Crazy, you might ask... on a Saturday the weekend of July 4th... well, I had my worries that it was going to be crazy busy, but I was (thankfully) proven wrong!  We woke up and ate breakfast - which we do around 7 every morning.  Then we packed a lunch and threw things in the car and headed out!

We arrived at the beach with absolutely NO traffic!  And we got a free parking spot right next to beach access.  Garet put up our tent thing, and I plopped Colin down in the sand while I organized everything else.  Colin loved the sand!  And this time he didn't even attempt to eat it!  He was having a blast!  Then we moved down to the water...

He had so much fun!  He splashed so much!  Every once in a while he would see a wave come and get a little nervous (he would reach up to me), but he did so well!  It was really cute!  Garet took him out a little deeper to let him get his whole body in the ocean (and to wash off some of the sand!)  Colin was so good and seemed to really love it! 

We put Colin in the shade for a bit and Garet let him have some water from his water bottle.  Colin drank it like normal.  haha - he didn't spill any.  It's so neat to see him growing up.

My guys.

We were worried that we wouldn't be able to stay at the beach long because Colin would get fussy around his naptime.  We brought his jogging stroller, and when his nap time rolled around we took him on a walk down the beach.  And....

He took a 45 minute nap - which is shorter than usual, but wahoo!  It will do!

It is so funny how our trip to the beach has changed.  When we lived in St. John, we would stop on our way into town, or home from town, jump in the ocean... sit on the beach... all we needed was a towel.  And now... we bring the whole house:

But I wouldn't trade it for the world!

And is it crazy to say that... I think I'm scared of the ocean?!?  Is that weird?  I guess after living where I can see through the water... going into water where you can't see your feet is a little scary to me.  I didn't want to go out past where the water was breaking.

we had a GREAT day!  Colin was perfect!  When we got back home we grilled out. 


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