Monday, July 25, 2011

Birthday boy...

Garet's birthday was yesterday (the 24th) and we had a big celebration.... that lasted for about 2 weeks!  =)

Last weekend we headed to Charlotte.  We had a big night out!  I got Garet tickets to see OAR - one of his favorite bands.  They were playing in downtown Charlotte, so we figured we had free babysitting for the night and a free place to stay!  (Thanks mom and dad!!!!)  We were meeting one of Garet's good friends from college, and his girlfriend for dinner then the show.  I had to get some last playing time with Colin before we headed out.

Dinner was good... but it started raining.  It wasn't a downpour, but it was enough to be annoying.  So we got soaked as we jammed to Crazy Game of Poker!

We had pretty good seats.  It was a lot of fun - Garet and I used to go to concerts a lot in college.  It was nice to get away and enjoy some good, live music again.

The next day (Saturday) my parents took Garet out for lunch, gave him his birthday gifts, and cupcakes.

One of his gifts was tickets to the U.S. National Whitewater Center!  We had been wanting to go anyway, but Garet was surprised to see that the tickets were a gift!  Garet, my dad and I were sooo excited to try out everything there!  My mom was sooo excited to watch Colin while we were there!

We left soon after breakfast so we could get there early and beat the crowd.  And it worked!  We were on the first rafting trip...

It was awesome!  I had only been rafting once before, but since this was man-made, it was rapid after rapid rather than a long resting time between.  Our guide was great!  He took us on about 5 trips, and each one was different.  He asked us on a scale 1 - 10 how crazy did we want to get... I said a 7.5 because I didn't want to get thrown out... Garet said a 12, to make up for my 7.5.  Well, the next rapid we hit, Garet flipped out!  hahaha  Then the guide got my dad and G good by holding them under one of the rapids!

Next we did the mega zip line.  It was fun too - we actually went right over the whitewater rafting.  This is me and G...

We had lunch there, then did the rock climbing.  After that my mom, Colin and I headed back home and G and dad stayed to do a few more things.   This is them on a rope course... this was a text from Garet... he said "Is there something wrong with your dad's helmet?"  haha

We left the next morning.  The week was pretty uneventful.  Oh, except I fell down the stairs and thought I broke my foot.  Lovely.  I think it is just really bruised.  So, we haven't been able to do our morning walks... but we have enjoyed the pool!

Here is one of Garet and Colin with the "Beane & Son" shirt. 

And finally it was actually his birthday!  We got some pictures before church.  We went out to dinner, Garet got a cake and his favorite dinner.... sausage lasagna! 
Hope you had a great birthday Garet!!!  I love you!!!

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Anonymous said...

Awww, what a nice tribute to the birthday boy! We had fun with yall here, too(except for the refrigerator incident, and even that was somewhat ok...) Glad Garet had a great dinner, party, and birthday. I noticed you didn't post a picture of the birthday cake!!