Thursday, July 7, 2011

July 4th weekend...

We had a great weekend!  On Saturday, the 3rd, we drove to Wilmington for the day.  We used to live there, and still have our house that's being rented... so we drove by to make sure it looked good.  Then we drove around town, and stopped to have lunch downtown.  Wilmington is such a cute place!  It is old, and there are horse carriages, and it is right on the water.  So pretty!

When we were finished we were leaving downtown and we passed a parking lot... Garet said he thought he recognized a car... it was his old car!  The one he sold when we moved here (since he has a company car now)!  How crazy is that?!  Of all places, we drove by the car we sold! 
Oh - and there was a ticket on the front!  HA!

Then we drove to our friends house for a cookout!  Garet has been friends with these two (Elliot and Melissa) since first year of college.  I met them when we lived in Wilmington, and now that we are back, it's fun to get together!  They have a daughter that is about 7 months older than Colin.  And boy did Colin love her wagon!

The next day, on the 4th, we took it easy around the house and then that afternoon we headed to Lake Waccamaw.  We have managed to make a few friends here =)  One of them invited us to their lake house for a cookout.

When we got there they informed us that we just missed George Washington on the boat going up and down the lake!  Colin was still able to get a picture with him though...

We didn't stay too late since I didn't want to mess up Colin's bedtime.  So after Colin got in bed, Garet and I sat on the front porch... it was so nice.  Just hanging out. 

We did see some fireworks ( from the neighbors). 
It was a great weekend!

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