Thursday, February 7, 2013

Jesus book...

Almost every day at naptime I let Colin pick out a book or two and then we also read his "Jesus Book".  It is actually called The New Bible in Pictures for Little Eyes, and I had one when I was a child and loved it! 

He is so precious with it and I just wanted to note some of his favorite stories right now so I don't forget.  The pictures are some I took earlier this week =)

- "The boo boos"
  The story of Job.  The picture has man with no shirt and spots all over him... his "boo boo"

- "The little horse"
  The story of the talking donkey, in Numbers. 

- "The big horse"
  The story in 2 Samuel where Absalom gets his hair stuck in the tree... the picture is a man on a "big horse" with his hair wrapped around a tree branch.

- "The little fish"
  The story in Luke where God told Peter to cast his net, and he catches tons of fish.  Colin loves the water, and this picture is covered with fish and water!

- "The big fish"
  Guess???  Yep Jonah.

-  "The big boat"
  Another guess?  Noah... and he especially likes the story/picture of the boat on the water.

And another thing that cracks me up is that, I wouldn't have noticed before, but lots of the pictures have the men without their shirts on.  Anytime we read a story and the guys have their shirts off Colin asks "shirt go?"  and he asks a millon times!  I end up just telling him that they must have forgotten to put them on and that way we can get on with the story =)

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